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An absolutely beautiful handmade Mala ('garland' in sanskrit) imbued with mantra; for the purposes of mantra, ritual, prayer, meditation, connection.


For this month (March) we have for sale this gorgeous Aquamarine and Sandalwood Mala (necklace or wrapped as a bracelet). This Mala offers a way to deepen your connection to the rich and watery feel of Pisces. And Aquamarine itself means 'the blue sea'.


However this Mala isn't just for March, or Pisces, it is also perfect for those who are needing find their voice, to speak their truth or to express themselves. Blue is the colour of the Throat Chakra and to support you in opening or deepening your connection to this area it can be incredibly valuable to wear or surround yourself with blue.


A Mala is traditionally designed for mantra and features a string of 108 (the number associated with the cosmic structure) beads and an anchor or guru bead. The reason for this is that a mantra should traditionally be repeated 108 times, and when the anchor is reached, the prayer is concluded. 


These beautiful Mala's are handcrafted using ethically sourced stones and sandalwood, and throughout their creation they are imbued with prayer through mantra .


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March/Throat Chakra 'Mala'

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