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Webinar Recording

January Month

An exploration into the myth and magic of Capricorn and The Devil and how they relate to the energies of January. Purchasing this class gives you access to ALL the content from January (including Januarys' yin yoga)

January Month
January Month

Time & Location

Access ALL content from January

Webinar Recording

About the Event

A journey through the myth, the magic and the meaning of the astrological sign and tarot card associated with January; Capricorn and The Devil.

This class will allow new and versed readers of the Tarot and/or Astrology to discover a rich vision of Capricorn and the Devil that can deeply aid your own understanding, create relationships with the featured archetypes and build this into your readings.

Dream with the symbols, walk in mythic rhyme, and flow with the energies of the cycles of life.*

*Please note this is a pre-recorded class however every quarter we will have an online public gathering for you to ask questions and contribute.


  • Pre-Recorded Class Ticket

    This ticket is for the January Class. You will be e-mailed a link to the recording after purchasing




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