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Delve into the myth, magic, atmosphere and meaning of Gemini and The Lovers

as we experience them from within the month of their influence


Enchanting Fortuna offers a chance to live with the cycles, the seasons, the signs,

and the energies of our bodies.

As we enter June we are entering a fluttering time for enchanting our curiosity

of Gemini and The Lovers.

The grounding energies of last month are lifting, as if the land itself has taken a large exhale

sending up a hot rising breath on which yellow butterflies dance and flutter.

After the incubating energy of Taurus, The Empress and The Hierophant we find ourselves searching 

for tangible engagement with 'other'. A chance to engage, query, question - gathering an idea of 

who we are through communion with another.


The Journey through Mind, Body and Spirit


A public podcast to discuss the month ahead, a look at the themes of June and the astrological and tarot associations of Gemini and The Lovers, as well as our personal stories.


A pre-recorded class exploring Gemini and The Lovers with Amanda Simon and Tansy Baigent. The class will explore and deepen the themes from the Podcast and provide practical ways to use the sign and the card in readings. 


Mindfully move with this wonderful monthly-inspired (pre-recorded) yoga practice lead by Georgie Crickmere.


Our musings and media for the month. Keep checking back to discover all additions

Gemini Zodiac Constellation - Golden Yel

Gemini Approaching

29 May 2021

As we inch closer toward June, the sun leaves the stable earth of Taurus and has entered into the realms of Gemini (& The Lovers - Tarot).

There is a buzz in the air, a flickering of wings, a quickening of thought. There is a desire for understanding, of connection, of union. Two sides of the same coin - each seeking to understand the other.

There is a pace, a quickening, as we are approaching the longest day of the year & the sun rising to midday (in the day of the year).

Image by Lina Trochez

Coming Soon...

June 2021

Keep checking back for our monthly musings throughout the month.

Coming Soon



Ritual Oil

Purchase a beautiful ritual oil to use throughout the year.


Sacred Mala's

Discover our beautiful selection of Mala's for deep connection, prayer, mantra, and ritual. 

June Podcast

Each month we will be releasing a new podcast episode in which we

discuss the themes of the month and how you can work with the

energies being offered.

Listen Here

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