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Scorpio & Death 


Delve into the myth, magic, and atmosphere of Scorpio & Death card

as we experience them from within November, the month of their influence


Enchanting Fortuna offers a chance to delve deeper into the atmosphere of the years' cycles,

the seasons, the signs, and the changing energies within our emotions and being.

As we enter Winter we experience deepening dark, a moment to reflect on themes of shedding, 

dissolving and sinking.

Coming into harmony and fine tune our relationship with Scorpio and Death.

Join this month and we will take you on a journey through November with written content,

a class, and a podcast to begin the exploration with conversation.

Join us for the whole year by clicking the link below

(and receive discounts on all our offerings and additional extra's)



Purchase each offering separately by clicking on the individual links below. 


Join us for the Journey through Mind, Body and Spirit

(note if you are subscribed to the full year all class recordings will be e-mailed to you as they become available throughout the year)

November Podcast


A public podcast to discuss the month ahead, a look at the themes of November and the astrological and tarot associations of Scorpio and Death, as well as of our personal stories.

November Class
November Class
A pre-recorded class exploring Scorpio and Death with Amanda Simon and Tansy Baigent. The class will explore and deepen the themes from the Podcast and provide practical ways to use the sign and the card in readings.  You will receive a link to the class recording once available
Webinar Recording


Our musings and media for the month. Keep checking back to discover all additions

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