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Welcome beautiful members to the month of May!

We are so excited to have you with us for this journey through the year,

to help to build a relationship with the energies of each sign, associated tarot card and the month itself.

We will be delving into the myth, magic, atmosphere and meaning of Taurus,

The Empress & The Hierophant (traditional Taurus association)

as we experience them from within the month they influence (May).


Enchanting Fortuna offers a chance to live with the cycles, the seasons, the signs,

and the energies of our bodies.

May is a fertile time for blossoming our understanding of Taurus,

The Empress and the Hierophant.

The full force of fire is subsiding and a gentle 'earthing' is taking place. 

With the Emperor and Aries energy bringing in the life force, the seeds.

The Empress is the incubation, nourishing them into growth.

The Hierophant then is the opening to guidance, a growth of spirit and wisdom.

Thus Taurus is a combination, growth both physically and spiritually.

With love and blessings x


A Journey of Mind, Body and Spirit


A public podcast to discuss the month ahead, a look at the themes of April and the astrological and tarot associations of Aries & The Emperor, as well as our personal stories.


A pre-recorded class exploring Taurus, The Empress & The Hierophant with Amanda Simon and Tansy Baigent. The class will explore and deepen the themes from the Podcast and provide practical ways to use the sign and the card in readings. 


Mindfully move with this wonderful monthly-inspired (pre-recorded) yoga practice lead by Georgie Crickmere.

May Month
May Month
Webinar Recording


Our musings and media for the month. Keep checking back to discover all additions

Almond Blossom

Embracing May

May 2021

As the wheel of the year turns, and the sun continues its' journey of ascension, we welcome in the rising day of the year and the beautiful mid-morning month of May.


All the planted seeds, all the new ideas, all the pace and planning of April are now ready to be incubated, to be cared for, to be nourished, to be inspired into gently growing. The pace and sometimes austere qualities of The Emperor have been replaced by the comfort, support and care of The Empress and the wise lessons given by The Hierophant. Aries fire and the pioneering ram are dampened, quietened, by the Taurus earthiness and the slow, steady bull.


May is the container of growth, the womb of the year. The incubator of projects or plans....


Coming Soon...

May 2021

Keep checking back for our monthly musings throughout the month.



Ritual Oil

A beautiful ritual oil in honour of the Spring Equinox and the movement from Water into Fire


Sacred Mala's

A beautiful Mala for deep connection, prayer, mantra, and ritual. 

May Podcast

Each month we will be releasing a new podcast episode in which we

discuss the themes of the month and how you can work with the

energies being offered.


Pink Flower
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