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May Month

A class that takes you an an exploration of Taurus, The Empress and The Hierophant. This purchase gives access to ALL of May's content (including the yin yoga).
May Month

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Includes ALL May content
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Continuing our flow through the year we now move into May and the earthy energy that grounds, grows, expands. We will be embarking on an exploration of Taurus and the mothering, nourishing energies of The Empress and the wise teachings of The Hierophant.

This class is a chance to be enshrouded with meaning and the energies of the sign and the card. A chance to deepen your appreciation and understanding of the sign and the associated Tarot cards; presented in a way that is completely unique, through the healing/counselling style of Tansy Baigent and the artistic/atmospheric style of Amanda Simon.

Work with the symbols, walk in mythic rhyme, and flow with the energies of theses cycles of life.

*Please note this is a pre-recorded class.

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