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'Drive Desire'

Delve into the myth, magic, atmosphere and meaning of Aries and The Emperor

as we experience them from within the month they influence (April).


Enchanting Fortuna offers a chance to live with the cycles, the seasons, the signs,

and the energies of our bodies.

A time of reawakening after the long sleep of winter, April, as the beginning of Spring,

signals a time of renewal, motivation, drive, desire.

The fires inside are stirring, the waters of last month are drying out.


Join this month and we will take you on a journey through April; with written content,

a class, embodiment of the energies through a yoga practice, a meditation and a ritual.


You will be introduced or re-introduced to Aries

and its' corresponding Tarot Card; The Emperor


Join us for the month 

(and receive discounts on all our offerings and additional extra's)



To purchase each offering separately visit our 'Pricing' page


Join us for the Journey through Mind, Body and Spirit

(note if you are subscribed to the full month all class recordings will be e-mailed to you as they become available throughout the month)


A public podcast to discuss the month ahead, a look at the themes of April and the astrological and tarot associations of Aries & The Emperor, as well as our personal stories.


A pre-recorded class to explore Aries and The Emperor with Amanda Simon and Tansy Baigent. The class will explore and deepen the themes from the Podcast and provide practical ways to use the sign and the card in readings. 


Coming Soon

For those who want to sink into the energies of the month through meditation, Tansy will be releasing a pre-recorded meditation each month to explore and strengthen the themes we are experiencing.


Coming Soon

Deepen your connection to the month by working in harmony with the energies of April through (Pagan/Earth inspired) ritual and prayer, presented by Isabelle Baigent.


Mindfully move with this wonderful monthly-inspired (pre-recorded) yoga practice lead by Georgie Crickmere.

April Month
April Month
Webinar Recording


Our musings and media for the month. Keep checking back to discover all additions

Copy of acupuncture by Anna Ulmestrand.j

Spring Seeds

1 April 2021

Darkness dissolves. The long winters' wait is over. Spring has come..

In the zodiacal calendar Spring marks the beginning. And so in this moment we are watching the sun rise on the dawn of a new year.


And in myself I can feel a sigh of release, of relief. There is a need to breathe out the long night and welcoming the new energies alighting in the World around us and within us.


There is transition, of course, it can take a little time to embrace change.


But here we are in the month of fire. The flame of desire that drives the growth that is to emerge through the rest of the year. This is seed-planting time.


Those seeds can be physical, putting into the fertile soils what we want to see grow. But we can see those fertile soils of the mind and of time. Nothing beyond this moment is set in stone. Your ideas are the seeds... so, what do you want to grow?


Take time with this question.

Red and Black Coral Fractal Flame Cloth

Coming Soon...

April 2021

Keep checking back for our monthly musings throughout the month.



Ritual Oil

A beautiful ritual oil in honour of the Spring Equinox and the movement from Water into Fire


Sacred Mala

A beautiful Mala for deep connection, prayer, mantra, and ritual. 

April Podcast

Each month we will be releasing a new podcast episode in which we

discuss the themes of the month and how you can work with the

energies being offered.


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