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Scorpio's watery depths

Scorpio fixed water - solid night sign of Mars. Protector and guardian of the night, escort into shady realms or defender in allowing them to be entered. Scorpions are ancient creatures, who have been around for hundreds of millions of year - immense survivors who can slow their metabolism by a rare third and survive with meagre resources, yet can spring into alert action to hunt when aroused. With no bones only an impenetrable exoskeleton that is multifunctional - can attack , defend, mate protect, detect and agilely manoeuvre. They are part spider 8 legged, part crab hard shell and pincers who birth their young live - no egg but rather a direct drop into the vicissitudes of life.

All this speaks to the immense power of this time of year, those born at this time. Light has been overcome by darkness, solar heat waning - low lying and lingering in the Northern hemisphere. To be born when life is shedding, dissolving and descending requires a toughness, that can become a rigid fixity to hold fiercely to any semblance of the light, too fearful to face what one is filled with or have the propensity to deep dive, plummet and pursue depths at any cost and at any risk. What is at the heart of the matter, the heart of matter - the enquiry at stake during this threshold time. Who better to guard over and be a guardian into the unseen than a Scorpion, who carries their young on their back into unknown territories. Fiercely pursuing, fervently tunnelling seeking the kernel of heat the sustains the dark heart. Where an altered vision is called upon - night vision, instinct vision, all sense seeing that creeps, crawls and hunts onward scanning and scouring for threats or releasing into the inevitable, regenerative dissolution cycle, death and demise returning to the rise and reach of light and life. Each feeds the other - trust the pull down like light, light life you will rise.

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