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The Charioteer

In July, as we sway with the eternal tide of Cancer season, we are greeted with a second archetype, a Charioteer. This we find in the realm of Tarot's seasonal influence.

Many question the link between Cancer and The Chariot, imagining that perhaps as Cancer is ruled by the moon that it should be The Moon in the Tarot that would be its' counterpart. Yet when we venture deeper we begin to uncover the synchronicities, begin to illuminate the deeper correspondences between these two energies.

The Chariot is in fact well aligned to Cancer and to this time of year. As the sun reaches its height in the sky there is a feeling of wanting to fill up with the good things in life. Perhaps a period of slight over indulgence, of darting from one place to another in a bid to make the most of this time of year. To absorb the suns' rays, to bathe in the ocean, to lay under the canopy of trees.

For the natural World there is a spirit of resource gathering, of a fuller experience of growth. Bees are darting to and fro from flower to hive, birds are sunning their feathers, the baby animals born in spring are learning to walk while staying close to mother and home. There is a sense of the suckling of life, and those small explorations to uncover what lies just beyond what can be seen, but never too far.

And this is the experience of the Charioteer.

In his chariot he carries enough to last him a short distance of a day or two. It can provide a place where he can sleep on his journey. But it is not designed for long periods or great distances. The chariot will never take him too far from home.

We see that the Charioteer has a love of home and the nourishment that can be found there.

And again, like the crab when he is within his chariot the Charioteer has protection, he is prepared for what he may encounter in the outside World. And yet one can see in the card that he is youthful, perhaps not yet wholly world wise. He retains the vigour, strength and possibility of youth but also its weaknesses.

The Charioteer at this early stage in his journey can be naive, he can be demanding, arrogant, indecisive, and he can hate to miss out on anything. It can fuel him to push too hard. To try to run before he can walk. To spin in circles in confusion and haste.

The Chariot card reminds us that these are all things that we must learn to gain control over by accepting our limitations, surrendering to them and trusting that the way will open when it is ripe to.

If we cannot learn this lesson then the Charioteer's pushing will lead him no-where other than hastily toward overwhelm, exhaustion, anxiety, or as we see in the myth of Phaethon, his untimely death(!)

What is key to understanding The Chariot is the stillness that we see in the card in obvious contrast the the name for a chariot is a vehicle, made to move and move quickly, and yet it remains motionless.

This signifies a need to be aligned in our direction and to resist being pulled apart in our uncertainty or the demands upon us. Two (or multiple) different directions provoking us insinuating a need for haste in a decision. However we are reminded here that if a clear path or decision is not apparent then the key is to resist making any decision at all.. to wait, to release anxiety, and to know that when the time is right, and the right direction is clear.. the gates of the arena will open. The way forward will emerge, often without any effort at all.

And the additional showcasing of this is that in this card the Charioteer is not being pulled by horses but by two sphinxes. These mystical creatures when alert and ready will take him far greater distances in a far shorter time. They signify the greater wisdom which is at play, and remind him to trust that any delay now will not affect him getting to where he is supposed to go.


Tansy has been involved in healing and holistic therapies for over ten years, and has been meditating and card reading since she was a child. It is her greatest desire to be a healing guide for others' and to show the profound richness of meditation and cards in helping us all to bring greater balance, harmony, clarity and joy to our lives.

Tansy's offerings include meditation teaching, holistic counselling, spiritual guidance, reiki and tarot card reading (& mentorship)

You can find Tansy at

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Every month, we teach a Class on the astrology and tarot of each month to help you to understand the energies of each month and to work with them.

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With love and blessings

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