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The Season of Strength

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

The sun, continuing its' journey around the 'wheel of the year', enters the month of August and into the zodiacal sign of Leo, the lion.

As the sun is at its' highest there is a feeling of intensity, of fervour, of power. And that power, that shine, that passion centres around the beating heart.

Can you feel it? Your beating heart; the continuous drumbeat of life.

With Leo's representation as the lion we are drawn to that wild beating heart. The ferocious lion, the wild and the untamed. A power pulsing within us, the power of a blazing sun; the planetary ruler of Leo.

The lion is an important element, a clear indication of the feeling of this time and the feeling of Leo within (we all have it somewhere in our charts), for in meeting the wild and untamed lion we would be propelled into the flight or fight - raising the beat and internal heat.

And equally there is awe, there is captivation, there is playful and powerful expression.

And so right here in this meeting of the zodiacal creature of leo and our entrance into August we come face to face with the felt experience of fear, force, courage, play.

A meeting of strength and intensity, power and passion, confidence and ego.

It is a heightened time. A powerful time. Burn-out is possible. Retreat is possible.

And in that image of the heart, the lion, the wild and the sun. We meet the Tarot card of STRENGTH. The Tarot card associated to this season and sign.

And in the Strength card we find a harmonising energy to that powerful force of the sun and the lion, we find virtue, we find courage, we find tenderness and truth. We are no longer running or fighting against the wild. Not repressing or shaming it. We are taming it. Accepting it. Embracing it. Loving it.

It is the wild 'out there' and the wild 'in here' that this card represents.

The primordial animal within us has a voice, has needs and desires, and of these there must be acknowledgement, there must be compassion and a desire to consider. The wild is not there to be denied, to be dragged out to be destroyed, to be forced into hiding. We must see the wild, and ask it to accept us as we accept it.

We are a whole made up of two pivotal parts. Half wild, half tame. Half physical, half metaphysical. Left Brained, right brained.

And we must have the strength to nourish it all.

There is freedom to delight in our Passion. Our Lusts. Our Fervour. Our Power. For it is not just procreation that emerges from such energy, but all of creation. And all in play.

Delight in the day, dance beneath the sun, cuddle up to your loved ones and cherish the great power and beauty all around. Connect into your centre and find how our true strength lies within.

This time of the great lion is a time of connection and a reverence for the power of our shine and the light of our glowing golden hearts.

This is our life. Our World. There is nothing to fear when we truly come to know who we are.

Life is there, just outside the door, just outside the eyelids of our closed eyes. Reach out and embrace the wild and the unknown. Connect into that beautiful, big pulsing heart inside of you and trust that the truth of its' wisdom will carry you to the places you are meant to go.


Tansy has been involved in healing and holistic therapies for over ten years, and has been meditating and card reading since she was a child. It is her greatest desire to be a healing guide for others' and to show the profound richness of meditation and cards in helping us all to bring greater balance, harmony, clarity and joy to our lives.

Tansy's offerings include meditation teaching, holistic counselling, spiritual guidance, reiki and tarot card reading (& mentorship)

You can find Tansy at

Or follow her on Instagram at tansy_alexandra


Every month, we teach a Class on the astrology and tarot of each month to help you to understand the energies of each month and to work with them.

Visit our sign-up page HERE to find out more about pricing.

With love and blessings

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