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A-Musing Gemini

Gemini is the sign most known for playing with language, deconstructing and reconstructing ideas and words, it is the sign that has a deep desire to know and embrace ‘other’.

But Gemini is not one to necessarily return to the carefully constructed language of an older version of herself. She is constantly recreating, remurmering, refabricating. Air does not stay still for long. The pages upon which words were scrawled thin, brown and curl - abandoned in the pursuit of the flight or fancy of the moment.

Gemini isn’t concerned, for through thought and creativity, connection & inquisitive exploration she finds her joy.

Gemini thrives off finding the muse, connecting with like-minded souls & turning her attention to the bright, brimming, buzzing, bleating of the Earth all around.

What is your muse at this time? What ideas may be claiming your attention? Where is your favourite place to go to in nature when you seek to refresh or reconnect?

Tansy has been involved in healing and holistic therapies for over ten years, and has been meditating and card reading since she was a child. It is her greatest desire to be a healing guide for others' and to show the profound richness of meditation and cards in helping us all to bring greater balance, harmony, clarity and joy to our lives.

Tansy's offerings include meditation teaching, holistic counselling, spiritual guidance, reiki and tarot card reading (& mentorship)

You can find Tansy at

Or follow her on Instagram at tansy_alexandra


Every month, we will be putting out written content for all, and for our members/patrons we offer a Class on the astrology and tarot of each month to help you to understand the energies of each month and to work with them. We also offer an embodiment of the energies through a yoga practice and release a patron-only podcast/interview/video as an additional offering.

Visit our sign-up page HERE to find out more about pricing.

With love and blessings x

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