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January's Ceremony

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Let this time, as the sun is softly stirring in the darkness, be a beginning. A fresh start to the year. A way to clear the cobwebs; physically, emotionally, metaphysically in order to make way for the rising light of a new year.

Like they say, a new year. A new you.

In the northern hemisphere January is a time where the stillness, the heaviness, and the silence of the mid-winter can be felt all around and within our being.

For many this is a time to come back home to themselves. That is, taking the time for internal reflection, self-awareness and deeper connection to ourselves. What are the fears and the worries that lie beneath the surface, those negative beliefs that manifest through our actions, our language, the situations around us. Can we spend time with these, can we allow ourselves to look and to learn and to heal?

In order to do this inner clearing it is always good to do some 'outer' clearing. To cleanse and clear your home. And so, can you put time aside this January to ritually clear, cleanse and bless your home (in Scottish Tradition this is called Sain) and prepares your home, and your space for the new year emerging.

So how to do this: plan a day when you can dedicate several hours to cleaning and clearing your home, or at the very least a space of sanctuary (whether this is in the corner of your bedroom, a spare room or an area in the house where you can go and won’t be disturbed). Creating a place that feels safe for your reflections can be a really beneficial addition to your home.

First you will want to take some sage, or juniper incense and move through the house starting at the front door and working your way left around each room. Go through your whole house cleansing and ‘smudging’ the space. As you go you can say “I cleanse this space. I protect this space. Nothing but love and joy shall enter this space.”

Now you will want to gather a small bowl of water you have collected from a spring or caught from the rain (and preferably leave under the light of the moon) Place this in your sanctuary space, place some incense beside it, light a candle, and place some salt in a small dish or shell. Here you have provided the four elements of water, air, fire, and earth.

You can now do a few different things, one is to purchase the January ritual practise I have recorded for you [contact me: or purchase our monthly package here) so that you can do a ritual with your elements, or simply after your house clearing, run a bath for yourself and use some of the water and salt in the bath, smudge the bathroom and light a candle.

Then wash and relax in the bath, asking the elementals to help to cleanse you body in preparation for the month ahead. And at the end thanking the elementals for their blessings and energies.

You can also cleanse some of your crystals in the water (a little bit of the salt can be dissolved into the water) or give some to your favourite plant (though not if you have diluted the salt).

You can repeat this once more in the month if you are needing to strengthen your cleansing ritual or if someone has come into your space and you feel a disturbance that you are wanting to settle.

Sending deepest blessings x

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