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Libra Living

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Libra lives in between, accommodating, mediating holding multiple perspectives and points of view. The Goddess of social conduct can often loose her centre. Libra was a relatively late constellation to the zodiac family. Initially she was merged with Scorpio where the scales and the claws were indistinguishable, which acutely speaks to the Libra’s existential dilemma. Can I stand differentiated and together? Can I be with but not entirely of another ? Can I keep the claws alive within the scales rather than seeking harmony at all costs ? Equal light and equal dark is Libra time - half half and equal of both. Twoness or more is Librarian modality - two kidneys that create homeostasis in the body, two scales which measure and adjudicate, access and alleviate disharmonies or remain focused on attempting to maintain precious precarious balance. Unlike her zodiacal polar partner Aries who forges ahead regardless of the surrounding context, Libra is alert and highly attuned, picking up on the small details and cues of what is around, surrounds and how to insert within the milieux to maintain the smooth flow.

Equal light and dark cannot be maintained indefinitely - Libra has to contend with the apparent injustice of such slippage and tolerate the discomfort of dis- harmony, recognise the mobilising quality of it. Yet Libra at the core is no push over. Saturn rests here lifted on high - stern steady Saturn and the claws sit just below the surface. Libra’s skilful ways is not to deliver and damage but rather discern and detect, how and when is best to bring multiple viewpoints and positions to bear without needing to dominate, or be dogmatic with either one or other. Libra teaches us over and over to hold both / and, be both/and - light dark, day night, rising falling - all at the same time.

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