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Virgo in Mercurial Reflections

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

September marks a turn towards the Autumn Equinox, towards the dark half of the year.

The sun in Virgo (23rd August - 22nd September) signals the half way pivot point between the Solstice poles as light lowers, drooping towards the Equinox. The season of gathering and shedding begins.

Each sign hosts a planetary patron, for Virgo it is Mercury. Mercury supports Virgo’s sifting through the bounty of summer, gathering the fruits and consolidating the sun’s period of maximum shine. Virgo’s zodiacal consciousness sorts and syncs what wishes to be incarnated more fully. Discrete details are arranged in pipeline processes, akin to the physical gut it rules over, our inner furnace where nutritional gold - of all kinds - is churned for lamp lighting the winter months ahead.

The light half of the year rises with Gemini - where Mercurially motivated arms and lungs gather, explore , take in - full body inhalation with Springs fresh face . Experiences, encounters, conversations, ideas, adventures travel through the stomach ( Cancer) the heart ( Leo ) arriving in the gut ( Virgo ). Body as temple, as sacred vessel, as processing plant to light time ventures harks to the winged Virgo Maiden.

Virgo recognises the value of time, of taking time to pick apart and pierce through light living consumption to the long term nutrition. To saving and shedding the unessential from the essential, the delicate detail - the sacred art of Virgo. To settle with the essential and weave long lasting tales and trellis’ grounding mind body being, substantially, for darker days.

Amanda is an Astrologer, Artist, Acutonics practitioner, writer and educator who world weaves out of her various practices and perspectives, past and present. She advocates, with all her heart, amplifying the complexity and multiplicity of life. Through her works she care-fully co creates the capacity for a thick, plugged in participation with all that life brings and holds. Much of her training has been in the States where she has found an Astrological sensibility that weaves Hellenistic, Sumerian and Psychology Astrology thriving. These strands have been crafted into her own mythopoetic reading practice. Additionally she works with Planetary frequencies and is training in Psychotherapeutic modalities. You can find her at

Or follow her on Instagram at Pallasvesta

If you would like to join us for this magical journey of tracking the light through the year visit to discover all that we have to offer for the months ahead.

With breaths of magical blessings x

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