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Imbolc Invocation

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

February is a time for tenderness and subtle stirrings, beneath you in the earth

and within you, of plans, projects, quiet reflection of things you may be having the

first inclinations about.

Remember that St.Brighid, the Goddess we celebrate at Imbolc, at the start of February,

presides over Holy wells, go to these places, seek them out, or have a bowl of

water and a floating candle on your alter, place snowdrops and anything white

and green you can find to honour the Goddess at this time.

If you can find, or make, a Brighid's cross, this can be hung by your fire or on your

alter as an offering for her.

Let Brighid light a fire in your heart,

There is hope, there is splendour

Of a tulip pushing its way through the earth

A snowdrop like a bell

Ringing in, there is hope in the air

Look to your own holy waters within

Waters of birth, transformation, stillness

Keep warm with the scents of rosemary, cinnamon, lavender and clary sage

Invoke this seasons tenderness

Life is stirring beneath you

With the first whisperings of mother earth

Allow your dreams to grow new shoots

Honour Brighid with these gentle new beginnings

For she is the goddess of the bards, the poets

She is who we honour with our song, our painting,

She inspires our creativity

So light a candle for her

And for all who need tender inspiration in this cold winter month

And keep your own inner flame burning

Go well.


Isa Rose [Isabelle Baigent] is a natural body care specialist and maker, who lives in accordance with the cycles of the year, reigniting the pagan practices of old and she will be offering ceremonial anecdotes/activities each month as well as creating an associated balm or essential oil to use in your ceremonies of the month.

This month, to celebrating the energies of Brighid, she has made a deliciously warming roll-on essential oil blend (£15) and a 30ml larger bottle with a dropper (£20) for the bath or to mix with your body cream so you can feel a full body sense of these oils.

She has invigorated a jojoba base oil with high vibrational and organic essential oils of Rosemary,

lavender, cinnamon and clary sage.

To purchase follow any of the links below.

Instagram @by.isa.rose

or find her on Etsy

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