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Aquarius: Rising Reflections

The water bearer bridges realms - mediates between the known and the unknown, pours celestial waters earthbound; vitalising starry substance re-minding us of our own starry substance, our shine, our co-habitation amongst the star/earth highway.

As the light grows, life re-emerges.

Aquarius gives gratitude to Capricorns’ stellar strength, keeping the kernel of life alive in the deep dark. In the still quiet space of the winter Solstice the gateway for souls for old substance to leave, is open. Shedding skins to enable bigger beings to be born.

Capricorn cossets the kernel of life, Aquarius takes up the baton of life and begins to rise. Resilient, resolved; a fixed direction to rise regardless of the still bitter and sometimes hostile conditions. The rise is un-negotiable.

Air seeks upward realms so as light swells so does the possibility of living life. Hints unfurl from the ground - birds beckon the light ever more into being. Aquarius beckons us to extend slowly but resolutely - light and life is celebrated - Imbolc, Chinese and Tibetan New Year - there is an alchemy at work beneath the ground, life is peeking through.

Regardless of the circumstances the Aquarian spirit stands resolute in the up, yet in the rise there is also the pouring. Both are harbingers of life anew . Both beckon star-shine woven in and through fleshy being. Straddling, co existing - in the here and now and the yearned-for, sought-for, vision well beyond the distance, bridging hitherto unforeseen possibilities.

There is a spark. The star shine we harbour, often clouded by conditioning, finds in this budding moment an opportunity to feel the unfurl and cosset in the quiet of that shine; wondering what realms it would like to cast upon.

The call is to be resolute yet nimble and to pour waters from afar, waters that don’t dampen or drown but rather feed and swell, celestial waters that work and are met in a different way.


Amanda is an Astrologer, Artist, Acutonics practitioner, writer and educator who world weaves out of her various practices and perspectives, past and present. She advocates, with all her heart, amplifying the complexity and multiplicity of life. Through her works she care-fully co creates the capacity for a thick, plugged in participation with all that life brings and holds. Much of her training has been in the States where she has found an Astrological sensibility that weaves Hellenistic, Sumerian and Psychology Astrology thriving. These strands have been crafted into her own mythopoetic reading practice. Additionally she works with Planetary frequencies and is training in Psychotherapeutic modalities.

You can find her at

Or follow her on Instagram at Pallasvesta

If you would like to join us for this magical journey of tracking the light through the year visit to discover all that we have to offer for the months ahead.

With breaths of magical blessings x

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