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Podcast: Experiencing the Deep Waters

As we enter March, we may feel ourselves pulled into the depths of our internal ocean, a stirring of the waters of our sensitivities, washed with waves of emotion. This is Pisces.

In this Episode Amanda and I are once again together offering insight into our journey through the energies of Pisces as we have been experiencing them since the sun moved into this sign, as well as the connection to The Moon archetype within the Tarot.

I am also introducing you all to yoga guide/teacher Georgie Crickmere who is offering a beautiful Pisces-inspired yin yoga class (recorded) to help you to embody the energies of this month.

There is no need to have knowledge of the Tarot or Astrology to listen to this show, it is a chance to dip your toe in and explore how the patterns or themes we discuss may be showing up for you in your life. It is about enriching our experience of life and perhaps opening ourselves to new ways of seeing the World.

In this episode I am speaking with Amanda Simon, professional Astrologer, dear friend and co-creator of our continuing year-tracking programme: Enchanting Fortuna who offer's beautiful insight around what atmosphere is at play and how to work within it.

You can find her at Email her at Or follow her on Instagram at Pallasvesta


In this Episode I am also speaking with Georgie Crickmere, Enchanting Fortuna's resident yoga teacher/guide, who this month offers us a beautiful Pisces-inspired yin yoga class (purchase or find out more here)

Georgie is an international yoga teacher, teacher trainer and mentor, holistic health coach and healer. She is guided in her teaching by the rich lessons and undercurrents of life, and works with these as each moment unfolds. She holds a nurturing space not only for the body but for mind, heart and spirit.

Find/follow her at Email her at, Follow her on Instagram @oneyogawellness


Tansy Baigent, host of This Wyrd World can be found at Email her at Or follow her on Instagram @tansy_alexandra

(or wherever you find your podcasts - This Wyrd World Podcast)

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