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Welcoming the Spring Equinox

"The Spring Equinox is within reach, with each day through winter we have stepped towards the light, and now here we are a moment of perfect balance.

The time where light and dark embrace. All power play disappears and the only moment is now.

There are only two moments in the year when the days and nights are of equal length, at the birth or the new, and at the dying of the old. Spring. Autumn.

In the zodiacal calendar the year begins with Spring, with the birth. And the zodiacal sign/creature that we meet is Aries, in Tarot this is The Emperor. We can think of force - the pushing of life through resistance; seeds, soil, branches, eggs, wombs. It is a time of directed energy, the spark of new life.

The element is fire, drying out the waters of Pisces, and igniting the flame which is carried through the year.

And as we enter the Equinox, it is a beautiful practice to connect in with the balance of light and dark, internal and external, physical and emotional. And it is a beautiful practice to celebrate this moment with a ritual or ceremony - to give our appreciation to the beautiful cycle of life; and in this moment, a new beginning.

To mark this moment you will find an idea of a ceremony or ritual you might want to do below."

[Introduction by Tansy Baigent]


[Image Credit: Nome Art]

Spring Equinox Invocation

Take a step,

There is magic in momentum

The buds are appearing everywhere

Light and dark will be in equal balance

Spring Equinox

Flora, Boudicca, Persephone

Goddess of the Fire

We are within the month of the winds

With a worm moon to light our way

Think about the balance of light and dark

Think about that balance within

What would make you feel balanced?

Take a step

Spring always follows Winter, rejoice in that stability, that knowing

Become wild like the animals

Seek out, find, watch, track

We are trackers now observing the changes around us

Birthing from the abundant and warming soil,

Longing for that lingering sun

Just a little bit and a little bit more

Each day we grow more wild

More connected

More abundant and in tune with the fertility of the Earth

On and on we go into the sureness, the ripening, the sensualness of the sun on skin once again

What Spring teaches us is that there is always room for hope

And that that hope is even richer because of the darkness it has left behind….

We can help to balance our inner worlds with teas of ginger to bring self acceptance and Rose to bring about more self awareness.

We have the ingredients

Now together with fire

We can cook them up

And feed the equinox within.

Spring Equinox Ritual Oil

This month I have made a fire element essential oil for the Aries Goddess, Boudicca:








You can purchase this ritual oil here

Alter and Decorations for Spring Equinox

A fallen branch covered in new buds in a vase or some early spring flowers like tulips or daffodils. A red candle to symbolise the goddess and a white candle to symbolise the God, in balance, the yin and the yang.

Eggs to symbolise fertility

Images of the Aries Goddess Boudicca and Lagertha.

You can also make an Aries energy candle.

You will need Hemp or cotton wick

8oz of beeswax

Double boiler

Third cup of coconut oil

40 drops of fire element essential oils or any of these chosen oils you may have at home

Jar or container

Wooden stick (chopstick or skewer)

Attach the wick to the chopstick or skewer which lies horizontal to your container then carefully pour the melted ingredients and oils in to the container and make sure the wick is stabilised with the chopstick.

Leave to cool and enjoy this beautiful Boudicca candle.


Isa Rose [Isabelle Baigent] is a natural body care specialist and maker, who lives in accordance with the cycles of the year, reigniting the pagan practices of old and she will be offering ceremonial anecdotes/activities each month as well as creating an associated balm or essential oil to use in your ceremonies of the month.

Find or follow her through any of the links below.

Instagram @by.isa.rose

or find her on Etsy

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