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Embodying Pisces: Yin Yoga Practice

As we continue to track the sun as it moves along its' cycle through the year, we find its' light gaining strength as it enters this, the last month and last sign of winter, Pisces (March).

In astrology the imagery of Pisces is represented by two fish, acknowledging the deep and watery realms of this sign. And water, water represents our emotions, our intuition, our imagination and our creativity. And in this month we can find our emotional world stirring strongly.

However, although the depths of our emotions can be vast and can sometimes carry us away on a whim, so too can the source of all inspiration and imagination be. And in bringing these together we can find some balance to the constant ebb and flow of our emotions, and the deep sensitivity that emerges during this time.

What we come to recognise, is that the cycle of the sun as it moves through the year, has a considerable and direct affect upon on our bodies, our minds and our emotions.

And so, when we choose to explore these effects, to come into our bodies and experience their impacts, we come to better know the world, we come to better know ourselves.

And this is why taking time for physical practise that encourages us to step fully into our bodies, and to connect in with our emotions is so vital; that by consciously moving our bodies with the energies of Pisces (and The Moon) we come into the truest sense of alignment that we can, in this moment, at this time.


A few words from your teacher:

"This month’s yoga will be dropping you into a yin practice to honour our deepest selves. This watery and intuitive time (Pisces) is all about seeing what we have been holding onto that is ready to come forward and be released.

With a focus of letting go, we will be honouring the intuitive, feminine energies to nurture and nourish ourselves and bring forward compassion towards our whole selves.

Pisces (astrology) is represented within the body by the feet and hands, so expect to see lots of postures supporting these parts of the body, with some self massage techniques too.

I would recommend offering this practice to your emotional self, to being present with everything that you are.

And if you feel inspired you could repeat this class one more time during the month (all included in the purchase price) as you integrate the messages and all the self-care remedies."

You can sign up for the whole month here to get all the benefits or you can purchase this class directly by clicking on the link (just above).

Just £10, once paid you will immediately receive the recording - so if you feel inspired to get onto the mat right now, this beautiful practice is ready and waiting for you


Georgie is an international yoga teacher, teacher trainer and mentor, holistic health coach and healer. She is guided in her teaching by the greatest lessons of life, as each moment unfolds. She holds a nurturing space for not only the body but also mind, heart and spirit to drop into with each moment.

In Georgie’s classes she encourages you to connect to your deeper sense of self, that inner wisdom which leads us through each day, knowing that it is our greatest teacher. She offers a supportive space and time to nurture your inner landscape, whatever you are facing moment by moment, and for you to shine a light to all that is being held within. Expect to leave Georgie’s sessions feeling a sense of awakening and connection to your true being.

She works with a variety of people through yoga, coaching and energy healing (Reiki), to help them live their life to their fullest, with more energy and more purpose.

Find out more about Georgie….

Instagram: @oneyogawellness

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