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Taurus Evocation

With the bull, Taurus, comes power - fecund fertile uprising growth. That which has been brewing beneath, swelling - gathering light. Light as life, is emerging. Growth is unstoppable - peeling Winter husks to let skin breath. Sensual pleasures seeking exposure, the joy ridden rise of having made it through the winter.

Image by ladypieces

Light lingers longer, enclosure to exposure for all life. Birds rejoice, insects mate, blossom blesses stark branches, colour returns.

Ease, ease opens us - hearts and bodies clenched with the cold, with Covid, curled in the dark - unfurl. Brave unfurling, land adorned with life.

May marks stable, solid Spring energy, the maximum moment of springs return.

The Bull is tough, stubborn - four feet firmly on the ground, slow to move but with powered momentum once in motion. Sensuality oozes here and now, bull as Sacred symbol of carnal existence.

Taurus - Venus’ night sign dwells deep, cares for bodies, earth bodes, human bodies, plant bodies, hurting bodies - healing touch and healing hugs . Or can be frozen, impacted , stuck and stubborn. Withdrawn from animal instincts, fearful of deep sensual longings, of hungers. Fearful of their desiring depths. A bud unable to open, the promise of beauty locked in.

The Hierophant can help with unfurling, as can the Empress, as can embodied practices - movement as meeting, meeting that feels the fearful - locked, looming in body recesses. Clearing aches - all sorts of human aches within the heart, body, organs.

Venus is emerging as Queen of Heaven and so soon to be visible in the evening sky, her favourite home. For now her underworld journey is over. Her re-emergence is enthralling and uplifting, soon she will sit beaming on the Western Horizon.

Yearnings to re-connect, clear out old aches within and without feels ripe this Taurus season - cleared by staying with and moving through.


Amanda is an Astrologer, Artist, Acutonics practitioner, writer and educator who world weaves out of her various practices and perspectives, past and present. She advocates, with all her heart, amplifying the complexity and multiplicity of life. Through her works she care-fully co creates the capacity for a thick, plugged in participation with all that life brings and holds. Much of her training has been in the States where she has found an Astrological sensibility that weaves Hellenistic, Sumerian and Psychology Astrology thriving. These strands have been crafted into her own mythopoetic reading practice. Additionally she works with Planetary frequencies and is training in Psychotherapeutic modalities.

You can find her at

Or follow her on Instagram at Pallasvesta

If you would like to join us for this magical journey of tracking the light through the year visit to discover all that we have to offer for the months ahead.

With breaths of magical blessings x

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