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Pulse of Pisces: What Saves Us

"As we enter Pisces, and the pulse that thrums is one that calls to the depths of our internal ocean, which stirs the waters of our sensitivities, which washes us with waves of emotion, we turn to the that equally deep well of our imagination, to the World of dreams, of vision, of intuition and myth." [Tansy Baigent]

There is an old story of a sage who slips and falls out of a beautiful world into a dark and terrifying abyss. While falling through this ocean of terror, all his worry and grief and madness congealed into the greatest fear he could have ever imagined.

He then remembered a quote from Rinpoche who said, “There is good news and there is bad news in life: The bad news is that you are in free fall, the good news is that there is no bottom.”

And it was in this moment when the sage felt a divine spark in his chest which quickly turned into an image resembling the beautiful world he fell out of. He felt the presence of something Divine in it. And immediately after this image graced his fall, he found himself ascending swiftly.

When he got to the surface of this great abyss, a giant hand swooped him up and brought him back to this beautiful world he had fallen from. It was the hand of Vishnu-the God who was dreaming this entire story.

Somewhere in this dream (our dream), Venus has recently moved into Pisces. It is a space she feels exalted in, yet as she travels on the other side of the Sun from us, a familiar underworld is also present. She is curious about the secret of Persephone’s beauty. There are things she is interested in saving or rescuing here but is quick to forget the essentials.

When the Goddess moves toward her ‘exterior” star point, all of our heartstrings are stretched. The tension can make some of them snap. Our job is to bring careful attention to the ones connecting us to the ‘beautiful world’ we feel we may have fallen out of.

At this stage of the pandemic, it is easy to lose focus on much of this. It takes work to remember. It requires imagination to get us out of the darkness we may feel. There is no need to feel optimistic or pessimistic around any of it, just be imaginative. We have been given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to dream deeply, to envision a world we know we will be living in once we tend to the soul images trying to catch our attention.

The full Moon in Virgo tonight will oppose Venus. This moment challenges us to care for the edges of our despair, to invite everything back to the centre, to find sanctuary for our fugitive parts. This is what will save us.

Imagination is our greatest natural resource. Use it wisely.


Adam Sommer has been a professional Astrologer for over 12 years. His work has taken him deep into the realms of myth, hermetic thought and the exploration of cosmos and psyche.

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